Mobilising students to learn more about consent, personal responsibility, and how they can make a difference.

This campaign was nominated for a Spider Award in Best Influencer Led Campaign and a PRCA Award in Best Use of Digital PR .

The #UnmuteConsent Campaign aims to mobilise students to learn more about consent, about personal responsibility, and about how they can make a difference. In 2022 our client the Irish Universities Association (IUA), in partnership with the Higher Education Authority (HEA), tasked us with spreading awareness and promoting discussion and understanding of the #UnmuteConsent campaign to compliment on-campus activity across Ireland. The target audience online was primarily 18–24 year olds. The secondary audience was the stakeholder audience, supporting the IUAs direct outreach with them. The campaign ran for a month between October-November.

Firstly, we set up social channels for the #UnmuteConsent Campaign: TikTok, Twitter, & Instagram which previously did not exist. We did this because we know audiences now increasingly use social platforms to search for content rather than Google them, and we wanted pages to house the content as well as direct back to the website resources.

We ran a targeted campaign targeted at stakeholders on Twitter.

The focus was on TikTok to reach the 18-24 year demographic given their heavy use of the platform. Our content strategy was to choose our influencers based on their unique voices, and their different approach to content. While some of them have large followings, other’s had micro audiences. Many of them were university students which was important for our client.

We held an all-influencer briefing session hosted by Drury and the IUA to get everybody together to discuss the campaign, the objectives, and ask any questions they may have. Our overarching brief was for them to create content in their own style, voice, and with authenticity, while hitting the core messages of the campaign and driving their audience back to the #UnmuteConsent website for resources. We created the influencer brief and managed all video feedback and amendments.

In total we had 25 x Influencer videos, and a moving campaign graphic. Our creators posted on their TikTok as well as their Instagrams. We then shared and amplified this content with paid spend on the newly established Unmute Consent TikTok channel. Efua Ware had the top video, using a trending audio combined with the advertising gave her 1.1 million views for one of her powerful videos. You can view the videos at You can also view a campaign wrap video here.

Total Video Views: 11,759,638
Total engagements: 396,707
Followers: 4,202

The TikTok views exceeded expectations and had 704,000 organic views + 10,799,696 paid views. These results are phenomenal and demonstrate the impact this platform can have with the cheapest ad rates on the market. The paid views were only seen by 18-24 year olds in Ireland, meaning an incredibly high frequency.

Twitter had strong results from our more targeted audience there, with 91,044 engagements, 1,200 followers, 75,632 link clicks to, and positive stakeholder engagement and retweets.